Steel Structure Fabrication and Installation
"Radome Structure & Radar ransceiver Room Fabrication & Installation at KTCT
"Ngong Ping 360" Tower Structure Fabrication
West Rail High Tension Cable Guard & Noise Enclosure Project
Central Phase 3 Reclamation Area - Structure Steel Project
"Eagle Nest" Pedestrian Bridge Project
Sham Mong Road Footbridge Structure Steel Project
Airport Inspection Chamber Fabrication & Installation
HK International Airport - Skyplaza APM Guide Rail Fabrication
- Sky Plaza
- Sky Plaza Phase 2 (from Sky Pier to Terminal 2)
- P534 Midfield
- C3602 Existing APM System Modification (to connect Third Runway)
Design, Supply and Installation of Gantry for Lok Ma Chau Passenger Bridge
Mock-up Structure for MSTI
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