Equipment Installation
HK International Airport - Asia Airfreight Terminal, Storage Structure Fabrication
Container Terminal Quay Crane "Ro-On" Installation
CLP - New Coal Ship Unloaders Installation
Xiamen HYPEC Coal Ship Unloader Installation
CLP - Removal of Old Grab #4 & #5 Unloader
Supply & Installation of 2000kN Universal Testing Machine
Design & Build Lifting Platform for BMU Parking
- WYNN Palace (60T SWL), Macau
- New World Centre Remodeling (46T & 60T SWL), Hong Kong
Load test of Lifting Platform
Replacement Gravity Boat Davit and Lifeboat for MSTI
Compactor Replacement for EPD Refuse Transfer Stations
- West Kowloon Transfer Station íV 6 units
- Island East Transfer Station íV 2 units
Installation and Modification of Conveyor Facility
- DHL Central Asia Hub Extension Project
Design and Fabrication of Flyer Sorter Working Platform
Design, Fabrication and Installation of Maintenance Platform
Fabrication of Steel Support Structure for Flyer Sorter System
Design, Supply and Installation of Compressed Air System
Installation and Modification of Sorter and Conveyor Systems
SF-Express Tsing Yi Hub Automated Material Handling System Upgrading Work
Hong Kong Post íV Air Mail Centre Telescopic Belt Conveyors Replacement íV 2units
Design & Fabrication of Aluminum Floating Bridge
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