About Us

Wang Tak Engineering and Shipbuilding Company Limited is one of Hong Kong's leaders in providing shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering services to the Asia Pacific region. With over 80 years of experience, Wang Tak provides its clients with the highest standard of work, speed, and cost-effectiveness they demand. To meet these standards, Wang Tak owns and operates its own facilities, marine fleet, and works in cooperation with our subsidiary shipyard in the People's Republic of China. All finished projects by Wang Tak reflected its commitment to quality, efficiency and value. These are testaments to providing its quality services for years to come.

Our Group Companies in other business sectors included property investment and management, international transportation services, trading of oil, gas, cryogenic industrial products and maritime applications, industrial gas production and relevant facilities, 3D & traditional animation development and production. We have network around the world, provide wide range of variety professional services to our clients.

Wang Tak Group Companies :
Interocean Shipping Company Limited
Wangfoong Transportation Limited
Wang Tak Engineering & Shipbuilding Company Limited
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