The story of our commitment to ship owners and ship operators began in 1938, when Mr. Szeto Ho founded a small company to provide afloat repairs from a workshop on the Kowloon waterfront.

In the fifties, Wang Tak expanded to cater to the demand for ship conversion from coal to fuel-burning boilers on ocean-going vessels. When ship building took off the '60s and '70s, the Company was already technically accomplished and well-poised to supply a new level of competence required by an increasingly sophisticated industry.

Still owned today by members of Szeto family, all with recognized qualifications in marine engineering and naval architecture, the Company is the second oldest shipyard in Hong Kong and leading service provider for catamarans commuting between Hong Kong and China. We also provide on-going maintenance on container-handling equipment to terminal operators and have been involved in various engineering projects for private and government institutions.
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